Sooner Surge is a student led company striving to bring high quality keychain charging cables to the market, while having a positive impact on our community. We are based out of the University of Oklahoma's Price College of Business. Our company's main goal is to have a positive influence on the local community, therefore we will be giving all of our proceeds to Camp Kesem. Additionally, each member of our service based company volunteers at Full Circle, an adult day service center, for a minimum of five hours a week.



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The Surgenomad

Available for IPHONE and ANDROID/MicroUSB. Our product, The Surge provides high speed charging and is made up of bayer 
polycarbonate and dupont TPE rubber. The TPE rubber is protective and flexible, giving the made-to-last product a sturdy build. The metal connectors are protected by a robust metal jacket. While one end of this product has either a MicroUSB connector or Apple Lightning connector, the opposite end has a USB connector. This USB connector makes it easy to charge from almost anywhere, including printers, wall outlets, keyboards, cars, cash registers, TV’s, computers, and laptops.

With an exclusive licensing agreement with OU, no other company can offer a product like ours. Combine that with 100% of profits going charity and the Surge is a win win.


Philanthropy Information


One of our goals is to send as many children to Camp Kesem as possible. Camp Kesem is a student owned and operated summer camp for children who's parents have been affected by cancer. By providing free tuition, the financial burden of sending a kid to camp is no longer on the parents, and children have access to yearlong support groups following their experiences. 



downloadFull Circle is an adult day service provider that our company supports through volunteering. Full Circle provides a safe and nurturing atmosphere for seniors so that the seniors and their families are sure their loved one is being cared for properly. Each member of Sooner Surge volunteers five hours a week for a total goal of 1,000 hours by the end of 2016.